Starting off the New Year

by kpwalker

Well, my intent was that I should start the New Year with a thoughtful and  philosophical pondering. As usual it seems my plans are tidbits to amuse the Powers That Be.

Earlier this week I spent the evening with dear friends. When I arrived, one of their elder dogs, Jazz, appeared to go into extreme discomfort. We watched out for him, but otherwise went on with our evening. As I was leaving he had moved to the fornt door. Was guided to sit down with him there and Sing Spirit for his well-being. He relaxed a bit, appeared comforted and I went on home.

Kept trying to go to bed, but “just one more thing” kept calling to me. And then I got the text. They were at the vets. Jazz was in great distress from serious untreatable problems. A “natural” death would have been protracted and very painful, so they and were making plans to release his spirit. I ask if I might come and I was invited.

As I prepared to leave, I was guided to put a picture of another friend’s dog on my altar. Hopi passed last year and many of us see him now as Hopi Shaman, a willing spirit on the other side who guides and comforts us. He agreed to welcome and guide Jazz through his transition.

When I arrived at the vets my friends had already sung for Jazz in their own way, for an easy transitions, with reassurances of beautiful snow fields to bound through and lots of bunnies to chase on the other side. I added my reassurances and words about Hopi Shaman waiting for him. And I continued to Sing Spirit.

The transition was not without tears on our part, but otherwise was very peaceful and complete. Jazz knew he was completely free to move forward with gratitude from those who loved him, gratitude for his life and all the love he had shared .

The next day I had brief glimmers of Jazz and Hopi Shaman racing and romping through etherial snow fields with lots of new friends. Both elder dogs as young and spry as they had ever been.

It was an honor to be of comfort and support to my friends and their dear pet.

I am blessed.

So, the thoughtful pondering…

The New Year (since Solstice) has started with my Singing Spirit more than I have the last few years.

I want the feelings of peace and an open heart to continue.

It is time to return yet again to my full path of living as spirit in a physical body.

Blessings to you and all your loved ones in this most auspicious New Year.