I have been writing the Voice to Spirit blog for several year and felt it was time for a new look. I will be bringing in some of the older posts in time. Maybe with new ideas.

I follow an eclectic Spiritual Path that has wandered from my traditional upbringing. While incorporating many of those earlier beliefs, my Spiritual Practices now include elements from some Pagan traditions and  Goddess honoring as well as Shamanism. As an ordained minister, I carry the Spirit Bowl and create ceremony for myself and for others, though I seldom perform weddings these days.

One of my practices is to Sing Spirit, opening my voice and intent to honor the Divine in Her many forms. And thus this site Voice to Spirit.

One of my favorite places for retreat and connecting with the Divine is what I call the Magic Place. Can you see why it is so powerful?

Evening at the Magic Place

Evening at the Magic Place


Actually, this blog is really what I am all about, so stay tuned.

Many blessings on your journey.