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Samples of work to be made available.


It has literally been years since I created this blog, and as you can see then moved my focus elsewhere. Struggling to remember how to use it, but I believe I can get the basic info to  you. The Alchemy series was posted on Praxis, so I’m not adding images here (sorry, can’t make the link work…https://kipgallery.photoshelter.com/gallery/Alchemy-Ashes-to-Gold/G0000EqehJdvl3wY/).

I am refining additional series’ and individual work to post soon.

I have gathered a small sample of my work that I intend to make available in the near future.

Angel's Trumpets

Angels’ Trumpets

Moonflower #2

MoonFlower #4

Queen of an Alabaster Moon #1

Queen of an Alabaster Moon #1

Queen of an Amber Moon #1

Queen of an Amber Moon #1

Shimmering Shadows #1

Shimmering Shadows #1

Emissaries of Magic #4

Emissaries of Magic #4

Georgia on My Mind

Georgia on My Mind

As Above...So Below

As Above…So Below

Inference of time #11

Inference of Time: #11

Inference of time #26

Inference of Time: #26

Inference of time #28

Inference of Time: #28

Inference of time #44

Inference of Time: #44

Inference of time series x  #6

Inference of Time: Series x  #6

Inference of time-Evolving #1

Inference of Time: Evolving #1

It is not uncommon for me to occasionally deconstruct/reconstruct images. They may be rephotographed like this one or assembled and worked as unique works.

At some point I anticipate repurposing my older silver gelatin and alternative process prints along these lines. But who knows.

Brief older resume

Cheryl, this is a few years old with some updates. Reformatted for this post. Let me know if something doesn’t make sense.

Had a few shows around Santa Fe last years, nothing beyond. No gallery representation at this time.

American Artist KiP Walker



University of Wisconsin-Madison M.F.A., 1989. B. Sc., Art, 1986.

Winona State University, Winona, Minnesota: Art: sculpture, photography.1978-84.

University of Utah: Art: art majors curriculum, part-time 1974-77.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: B.Sc., Nutritional Research, 1969.



Dualities, Society for Contemporary Photography. Member Exhibition. Image selected for critique by John Pfahl in Master Class, Kansas City Art Institute. Kansas City, MO.

Wisconsin Photographers, Wustum Museum, Racine, WI. Purchase award for the permanent collection.

Wisconsin Arts Board. Individual Artist Program Development Grant Interdisciplinary Arts.

New Harvest Foundation. Financial support for an aids hand book, a book in progress.

Diversion Magazine. Tenth Annual Photography Contest. Juried. Honorable Mention.

New Mexico State Fair. First Prize, Elementary School, 3-D. Third grade.






KiP Gallery, Santa Fe NM.

Terms of Realities: books without bindings. ARC Gallery. Chicago, IL.

Life in Acts. Masters of Fine Arts exhibition. Memorial Union Gallery, UW Madison.

Margaret Jane Passes On: a declamation of life in five acts. Multiple venues.


Southwest Regional Conference for the Society for Photographic Education.

 = 16. Gallery B-106 exhibition, Artemisia, Chicago.


The Art of it All. Shy Rabbit Gallery.

Artist’ Alpine Holiday Exhibition. Ouray Colorado. Honorable mention.

Sisters in Art~Sisters at Heart. Cortez CO, June 2013 and Fuller Lodge Art Center, Los Alamos, NM, 2014.

Dualities, Society for Contemporary Photography. Kansas City, MO.

Peace. Flossie Martin Gallery, Radford University, Radford, VA.

Wisconsin Photographers. Wustum Museum

Of Times and Places. Western Montana University, Dillon, MT. June.

The 32nd Exhibition of American Artists. Chautauqua Art Center, Chautauqua , NY.

The 21st Dulin National Works on Paper Competition. Knoxville Museum of Art, Knoxville, TN

Recent Works in Dane County. Madison Art Center, Madison, WI.


Lighting the Labyrinth. UW Madison. Collaborated on the creation and performed in this work. Multiple venues.

Something Old, Something New ,Something Borrowed, Something Blue. A performance and video. Issues of women’s displacement Wisconsin Network for Displaced Homemakers. collaborated on the creation and performed in this work. Madison, WI.


an aids hand book. An artists book in progress, using silver gelatin prints, Supported in part with a grant from the New Harvest Foundation. 1990 and on going.

Choicemakers Carry Knives. Silver Girdle Press. Artist book using original images and words. Silver gelatin prints and computer generated type. Hand printed in an edition of 5. Handmade drop spine boxes.

Acts of Estrangement. One of a kind artist book, handmade paper, computer generated type, mixed media.

Prayers of Healing for B. and the Planet. Artist book (hanging, kimono style) using prayers collected at an installation.

Margaret Jane Passes On: a declamation of life in five acts. One of a kind artist book-on -the-wall. Mixed media including cyanotype.

Antithesis: Artist book. Produced on Xerox color copier, using original and edited words, with plant material. Pages woven together with other page pieces to form a scroll. Created in an edition of 19.


Wustum Museum of Fine Art. Racine, WI.

Kohler Art Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection, School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

The Four Corners Foundation, Vermont.

Numerous private collections.



Wisconsin Arts Board. (see Honors and Awards). 1993.

New Harvest Foundation. (see Honors and Awards). 1991.

Women in Performance. 1990.

Approach/Avoidance. Still documentation for installation and performance, Madison Art Center, by Laurie Beth Clark. April, 1990.



Topics for lectures and panels, outside of teaching venues include: Sources of My Inspiration; History of American Photography focusing upon Women to Denote Major Movements; Panel on Installation Art, Spirituality in Art and My Personal Work, Words and Images, Panel for National Conference, Women’s Caucus for Art ;The Spiritual Nature of Our Art; Tradition as Source. 55th Annual Mid-America College Art Association Conference; Intergenerational connections.



I have been interviewed for radio, TV and print many times. My images have been included in the following publications.

MAKING MEMORY BOOKS BY HAND, Kristina Feliciano, Rockport Pub.





Gallery owner, KiP Gallery, Canyon Road, Santa Fe. And online.

Adjunct Faculty, Art Dept. Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe NM and Edgewood College, WI.

Instructor for Life Long Learning on such topics as photography, alternative photography techniques, design, paper engineering, handmade books. Institutions include, Madison Art Center, UWMadison Extension, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Edgewood College, Madison, WI. Wustum Museum, Racine, WI.

Art Consultant, The Grace Chosey Gallery, Madison.


Starting off the New Year

Well, my intent was that I should start the New Year with a thoughtful and  philosophical pondering. As usual it seems my plans are tidbits to amuse the Powers That Be.

Earlier this week I spent the evening with dear friends. When I arrived, one of their elder dogs, Jazz, appeared to go into extreme discomfort. We watched out for him, but otherwise went on with our evening. As I was leaving he had moved to the fornt door. Was guided to sit down with him there and Sing Spirit for his well-being. He relaxed a bit, appeared comforted and I went on home.

Kept trying to go to bed, but “just one more thing” kept calling to me. And then I got the text. They were at the vets. Jazz was in great distress from serious untreatable problems. A “natural” death would have been protracted and very painful, so they and were making plans to release his spirit. I ask if I might come and I was invited.

As I prepared to leave, I was guided to put a picture of another friend’s dog on my altar. Hopi passed last year and many of us see him now as Hopi Shaman, a willing spirit on the other side who guides and comforts us. He agreed to welcome and guide Jazz through his transition.

When I arrived at the vets my friends had already sung for Jazz in their own way, for an easy transitions, with reassurances of beautiful snow fields to bound through and lots of bunnies to chase on the other side. I added my reassurances and words about Hopi Shaman waiting for him. And I continued to Sing Spirit.

The transition was not without tears on our part, but otherwise was very peaceful and complete. Jazz knew he was completely free to move forward with gratitude from those who loved him, gratitude for his life and all the love he had shared .

The next day I had brief glimmers of Jazz and Hopi Shaman racing and romping through etherial snow fields with lots of new friends. Both elder dogs as young and spry as they had ever been.

It was an honor to be of comfort and support to my friends and their dear pet.

I am blessed.

So, the thoughtful pondering…

The New Year (since Solstice) has started with my Singing Spirit more than I have the last few years.

I want the feelings of peace and an open heart to continue.

It is time to return yet again to my full path of living as spirit in a physical body.

Blessings to you and all your loved ones in this most auspicious New Year.


Welcome to My World

I will be transferring some of my older blogs from my former blog site in the near future…

In the meantime you might check out my other blogs, KiP Gallery and I Raise This Voice or my web site Giving Voice to Spirit.

Here is an image just to give you an idea of some of my inspiration for raising my voice to Spirit.


Aspen Shadows on Evening Snow

Aspen Shadows on Evening Snow